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GameWorks – Sponsor Highlight

By April 8, 2019March 21st, 2021Sponsor News

We want to give a huge thank you to GameWorks for generously supporting NETWAR 36.0!  There are providing the event with a bunch of great prizes and schwaagggg including:

  • 600+ Waterbottles
  • 1 Fortnite Rainbow Pick Axe 39″
  • 3 Pluggable Compact Mechanical Keyboards
  • 1 Kindle Fire HD 8 16gb
  • 1 Mario Chess MSRP
  • 2 GameWorks Black Fleece Pullovers Unisex XL

GameWorks is an exciting entertainment and dining destination, attracting families, teens and millennials, to seven locations nationwide. Each location features a wide variety of the latest and most popular arcade and video games as well as esports and other activities, such as laser tag, bowling, and billiards.

GameWorks’ distinctive esports lounges — intimate gaming centers within its locations — consist of organized, multi-player video game venues for participating in competitions between players across varying skill levels as well as just casual play amongst friends.

GameWorks’ esports lounges have the latest and greatest video game offerings, boasting – on average — 100+ game options, 40 PCs and 20 (Xbox and/or PS4) gaming consoles. They feature spacious lounge set-ups, which include comfy couches, offering gamers a welcoming, relaxing and entertaining environment. Every esports lounge provides a full-service restaurant and bar service to enjoy while playing or watching.

Esports affords guests a distinctive experience and opportunity to engage and play games in an intimate atmosphere where they can:

  • Pay-for-play by the hour
  • Socialize
  • Choose from a vast selection of games
  • Participate in and/or be a member of the audience for tournaments and competitions held weekly