NETWAR – LAN Courtesy

This page was inspired by a post by JeepMcMuddy on the PDXLAN Forums.  A lot of content was also borrowed from it.  Thank you JeepMcMuddy!

The majority of the courtesy ideas below are common sense, but it is worth a quick review.

    • Please pass on the kindness and concepts onto others that forget to have some form of courtesy at the event.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  A little graciousness goes a long way to making NETWAR a blast for everyone.
    • Meet your neighbors. You’ll be sitting next to them for the entire event, might as well make a few friends and set the tone for a great LAN party.
    • Offer to help your neighbors and buddies to get them setup or plugged in.
    • Know your power! The staff spends a lot of time on planning. To avoid problems, listen to what the staff has to say about hooking up power, and never never daisy chain your power strips. Blowing the circuit at your table isn’t a good way to meet your neighbors.
    • Be careful when plugging in network cables and power to avoid disconnecting anyone. Again, this is a bad way to meet your neighbors.
    • Be careful when setting up your table space. Don’t just push your case or monitor as far back as it goes. Work with the person across the table from you so you don’t smother each other’s case fans. You’ll both be happier if you take a second and look.  Be sure to leave adequate room for your neighbors: you must stay within your space on the table.
    • Keep your bags and extra gear out of the aisles. It’s usually dark, and other attendees are already mesmerized by all the case lights. It’s easy to trip someone with a backpack or tote shoved too far in the aisle. If you need a place to store extra gear, use the stadium seating area. There’s plenty of room up there!
    • Keep an eye on each other’s equipment. We all spend big bucks on our stuff, and although there have not been many issues at our events, it’s good to help keep others’ gear safe.
    • Don’t be loud or annoying to your neighbors, and try to keep profanity to a minimum.  We understand emotions can run high during tournaments, but be mindful of swearing, angry outbursts, and general fits of rage. Not only are there minors present, but it can be obnoxious for those around you.  Be conscious of your actions.  At the same time, understand that most games played at NETWAR carry an ESRB M rating.  We allow minors at our event with parental consent and an understanding that they could be exposed to adult themes, game violence, and adult language as outlined in our parental consent form.
    • Going on a food or drink run? Ask those around you if they want anything.
    • Save pornographic games, pictures, screensavers and desktops for home use only. Seriously, just leave your pr0n at home.
    • Ok, so you’ve got enough leds and strobes in your case to land a 747. That’s great, but for your neighbor’s sake, crank them down a tad. Nothing like a seizure inducing flash in your face while your trying to play. Crank them up for a bit, get your ooohs and ahhhhs, and then shut them down for a while.
    • Cleanliness – this really should go without saying, but please, please shower daily and use a good strong deodorant and reapply throughout the event. Sitting for hours on end can make things a bit “swampy.” Also, a cologne bath does not count. Too much and you’ll have your neighbors sneezing and their eyes watering.  Bring additional clothes with you to the event and change into them daily.
    • Flush the toilet, keep the bathroom clean, and let an admin know if something needs attention.
    • Please keep your area clean and use the trash cans.  Even if it is not your mess, please help us out by cleaning it up.  Keep your area clean throughout the event, and clean your area when you leave. Again, let an admin know if something needs attention.
    • Thank a staff member. They put in countless hours so that you can have a good time.
    • Support our sponsors whenever possible, and let them know that what drove your purchase of their product was their sponsorship of our events. That lets them know they have spent their money wisely, and are more likely to continue supporting. Most of our sponsors have marketing departments, drop them an email and thank them for their sponsorship.
    • Show some enthusiasm if you win something. Ok, it’s only a hat, but a sponsor paid for that swag, so show them some support and win graciously. The rule really should be “No w00t, No l00t. Get happy when your name is called!!  Also, please be prompt in coming up to accept the prize.
    • Make sure your computer and games are patched up to the latest and you have the latest virus defenses BEFORE coming to the event.
    • Listen to announcements made by staff.
    • Before coming up to the staff to ask a simple question, check the schedule, web site, and Intranet site. Instead of asking, “When is the raffle?” just check the site!
    • Don’t sleep in the aisles or under your seat with your feet sticking out.  You are in the way of people trying to walk through the aisle.  Please use the designated sleeping areas on the second level concourse.
    • Help the staff tear down if you can.  We are all volunteers and the event takes a lot of work.  The event begins for us days before, so we are very tired.  Any help is appreciated!
    • Be kind to others.  We are all here to have fun in a friendly environment.  Don’t be that guy!
    • Be prompt for tournament start times.  It’s inconvenient and irritating for other tournament players and admins when there are delays.
    • Follow the event and tournament rules.
    • Have fun!