raised for charity!

Supporting Local and National Charities

NETWAR 35.0 will support Children’s Hospital & Medical Center located in Omaha, Nebraska.  Working with Gamers Outreach, our event proceeds will be able to furnish GO Karts.  These are portable, medical-grade video game kiosks that enable hospital staff to easily provide bedside recreation to hospitalized children who are unable to leave their rooms.  Thank you for supporting our event to benefit this great cause!

This is about normalization for kids,” Patterson said. “It’s not only about good health care. We want to continue to provide the same social and recreational outlets as home.

Terry Patterson, Manager of Family Resources

Charities We Have Supported

What is NETWAR?

NETWAR is an Omaha, Nebraska chapter of the national LANFest organization. About twice per year, we host large Local Area Network (LAN) parties for gamers of all experience and skill levels. Our entire organization and staff is non-profit, and the proceeds of all attendee admission fees go straight to charity.

Gamers bring their computers or gaming consoles to our events to play multiplayer games for many hours straight, all while having fun and meeting fellow gaming enthusiasts. Anyone who enjoys playing video games can attend: There is no age or gaming skill restriction. NETWAR caters to both competitive gamers who like competing in tournaments and hobbyist gamers who just want to enjoy playing their favorite video games. Every gamer who attends is also eligible to win big prizes in our door prize raffle!

Our History

We have been hosting gaming events in the Omaha area since 2002. We started off as Ground Zero Armageddon, with events named NETWAR. Then, as we evolved and grew, we changed to the name NETWAR.  In early 2011, NETWAR joined LANFest, a national organization, and became a non-profit for charity event.  Since we started in 2002, we have organized over 35 gaming events.

We Are Volunteers

NETWAR is an entirely volunteer-driven event.  Since joining LANFest in 2011, all of the NETWAR staff have donated thousand of man-hours to the organization to maximize dollars available for charity.

Through the generosity of our sponsors and attendees, NETWAR is able to raise support and awareness for critical local charities.  We pride ourselves on running fun events that have a positive impact on the communities where we work and live.


Name Handle Responsibilites
Travis Kreikemeier Curium Event Director & Founder
Craig Schmaderer Daedalus Event Coordinator
Andrew Hostler MrAnderson Staff
Andy Roche Zwarrior Staff
Brad Bruntz Cartz Tournament admin
Cathy Combs Gebora Staff
Chris Blankenau cblank Tournament admin
Jeff Nelson LongShot902     Game Server admin
Jonathan Stump FenrisWF Staff
Luke Brisso Aerosilver Staff
TJ Mohr Static Network admin
Tom White RedPillFTW Marketing Director
Tyler Renner Talyn Staff
Tony Herrera Zeet959 Trophy Wizard